Project Loader in PB2017


Hi there!

In "Appeon for PowerBuilder 2015" we had a Project Loader where you could choose the target platform and the orientation.

With my installation of PB2017 I miss this features

What did I miss during installation?

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Chris Pollach answered Project Loader in PB2017


Hi Ludwin;

   That is a great question!

The old setting was mainly used for the Mobile "Emulator" that came with Appeon 2015. Appeon has dropped the emulator feature in the PB 2017 Universal edition. So that is why you no longer see the configuration option.

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Hi Chris,

I wasn't that keen to even think that they drop that feature.
That's why I thought I made a mistake during installation.

So lets summarize:

  • No offline DB,
  • no emulator,
  • ...

I wonder how to impress anyone who wants to develop for mobile with this great feature of PB2017.