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Because I could find nothing, anywhere, regarding PowerBuilder (PB) and graph databases (GDB), I thought I’d provide some information following some dabbling with this emerging (well, emerged now) technology.

I developed a keen interest in GDBs after a contracting friend who does some work for me had attended a NEO4J course – he contacted me and said the application I develop would be ideally suited for a GDB.

I looked at NEO4J and quickly realised the code would not fit with the PB my application.  Then another friend advised that MS SQLServer had introduced basic graph DB features in its 2017 version, with enhancements expected to follow.   I gave it a try.

(I should point out that I’m not an experienced programmer - self-taught, I work alone so I can’t learn from peers, too busy on my work to go off and learn new skills, long in the tooth, and need to get a twelve-year-old to change my digital watch at daylight savings.  So the caveat is that experienced programmers may know ways far better than I’ll lay out here.)