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Defining a PostgreSQL Database Profile in PB2019R3

PB2019R3PostgreSQL v12 database Summary:   Ensure that the database properties are defined correctly for the PostgreSQL database in the DB Painter.    If those properties are not defined correctly, the PB2019R3 IDE...

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Create Multiple DSNs from a single PostgreSQL Driver

FYI - Summary:   You can create multiple databases from a single PostgreSQL driver. Details:PowerBuilder R2019R3 PostgreSQL 12Windows 10 These instructions assume that at least one PostgreSQL driver has been successfull...

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Generating a QR code using QRCoder

QRCoder is an open source .Net assembly for creating QR Codes.  What we're going to do is wrap that with an assembly in SnapDevelop we can use from PowerBuilder.  First thing we need to do is create a .Net standard Class...

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Detecting a smart card insertion/removal from PowerBuilder

This is a follow up article to an earlier article I wrote called Communication with a smart card from PowerBuilder. In that article I showed how to interact with a smart card once it was inserted in the reader.  In this...

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Git for a single developer

Let's say you're an independent contractor or a one person shop.  You want to take advantage of the source control features of Git, but you don't want to have to set up a server just for one developer.  Fortunately, you...

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"Haunted" Apps - How to Avoid Ghost (Unresponsive) Windows

Are any of the windows in your PowerBuilder applications “haunted” by ghosts? In the Windows operating system, the term “ghosting” is used to describe how the Desktop Window Manager visually intervenes on a user...

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Merging PDF files using PoDoFo

One PDF capability that still hasn't been introduced as a native feature in PowerBuilder is the ability to merge PDF files. We're going to look at how we can easily add that capability using the open source (LGPL) PoDoFo...

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Quick start for contributing to Open Source PFC

Given that not everyone is fluent in using Git and or Github (where the Open Source PFC is hosted now), I put together a quick introduction in how to get started.  The video below walks through the steps, which in summar...

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A Simple Methodology for Complex Resizing Scenarios Using the PFC

The Resize service included in the PowerBuilder Foundation Class (PFC) framework is a powerful, yet easy-to-use tool in the developer’s toolbox. Due to several factors, however, many PB developers struggle to make the Resi...

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Applying a New UI Theme to Your Application

This tutorial is an update to the 2019 tutorial. If you have zero experience with the UI Theme feature, please first follow our Quick Start tutorial. If you are ready to gain a comprehensive understanding of this feature...

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Implementing OAuth 2.0 Authorization with PowerBuilder 2019 R2

Introduction PowerBuilder supports getting secured data from the OAuth 2.0 authorization server. The Bearer access token is supported, and the following grant types are supported: Authorization Code Implicit Flow Client...

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How to Define Events for RibbonBar Controls

Learning to define user events for items in the RibbonBar control feels like a lot of trial and error.Different items support different events. Same event type requires different parameters.My aim with this article is to...

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