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Hi Team,


We have existing code in PB application for ImportFile from .csv file. Now when we deploy this application in Web, this statement is returnning -5. 

Where should I select those files as part of deployment? in INI Files or External Files ? 
Do we need to handle it differently ? 


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Devang Modi.

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Chris Pollach answered ImportFile in Appeon Web


Hi Devang;

  In the PowerServer (PS) Web world, the file could be in the main App's work folder or a sub-folder of that (or whereever you manually deployed it). The path for the Web App's working folder is normally something like ...

  • C:\Users\<O/S User>\AppData\Roaming\appeon\<Server>_<App Name>

  If you have deployed the CSV file as part of the PS Web App's deployment profile, the path to the file would be for example ...

  • C:\Users\<O/S User>\AppData\Roaming\appeon\<Server>_<App Name>\plugin

  To get the Web App's actual working path, use the of_getcachedir ( ) method in the Appeon External Functions object.

Note: The ImportFIle and ImportString commands have a slightly different behaviour in the Web & Mobile world vs native PB. Please read the PS Help for more details.


Regards ... Chris