Host-service somewhere?


Hi Community,

Is it possible to get an app hosted by someone out there for a period of 2 or 3 months?

I will be away for that time and will not keep my laptop-server switched-on during this time.
I prefer just to bring my tablet on the journey, hopefully connected to some-ones host-server.

-PB 11.5
-Sybase SqlAnyWhere 11.0
-Appeon Developer 2016 Build 1128

-PBD 160 kb
-EXE 60  kb

-  4 tables
- 10 SP's



Outi Vihko


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Chris Pollach answered Host-service somewhere?


Hi Outi;

   What about using a "Cloud" provider like RackSpace, Amazon, MicroSoft, etc ... allocating an MS-Windows VM O/S for you to install all the software you need to access remotely?

FWIW: I personally use an Amazon EC2 instance for that and also PowerBuilder / PowerServer 2017 cloud App testing.

Regards ... Chris

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Hi Chris

I was not aware of these possibilties for host-service.

I will look closer at these hosting-providers. Thank's a lot for your guiding.


Best Regards


Roland Smith answered Host-service somewhere?


You could use TeamViewer to access your laptop remotely. Your laptop would remain turned on at your house/office and using TeamViewer on your tablet you can use it remotely.

TeamViewer can be used for free and you won't have to go through all the work to setup your software on on a cloud hosted VM.


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Thanks Roland

I will check TeamViewer- possibility as well.

Thanks, Outi


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That's a great idea.
Just remember is something DOES go wrong physically, there will be no one there to correct the issue.
Examples of this include a power outage, a disk failure, and a hard system crash.)

If your system is mission critical, I'd strongly consider using a cloud provider.

Later -



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The TeamViewer solution is not an option since my laptop-server will remain switched-off during my absence.

Anyway, I can imagine that any other host-server, whether it is cloud-based or not, need to be Appeon-compliant.

i.e the host-server need to be Appeon-licensed. Right?

Regards Outi