What is "idw_requestor" identifier?



I've found in the source code of a PowerBuilder app a reference to object "idw_requestor", that has methods like "RowCount", "Find", and so on.

Also in the internet many PowerScript snippets use this object.

What is this "idw_requestor" object?

I didn't find any answer by googling for it.


João Jerónimo


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René Ullrich answered What is "idw_requestor" identifier?


idw_requestor is no standard powerbuilder object. It is an implementation in the application or in a framework.

Usually it is an instance variable of type datawindow or a descendent class of datawindow in a service object class that references a datawindow control. So the service class may call functions on the datawindow control.

Olan Knight answered What is "idw_requestor" identifier?


"idw_requestor" is a PFC object. If this item is in your code, you have an application that is dependent on the PFC (PowerBuild Foundation Class libraries).

Most people implemented the PFC as follows:

   PFC      the base classes/libraries - don't touch these

   +-------->  PFE           Inherited from the PFC, these include vendor specific modifications to the PFC and new foundation-level objects

                +-------->  CORP        Inherited from the PFE, corporation-specific modifications to the PFE and new corporate-level or application-level objects


idw_requestor is defined in PFCDWSRV.PBL, pfc_n_cst_dwsrv, in the instance variables as "u_dw    idw_requestor".