PowerBuilder + GIT + Multiple Applications sharing PBL's



I need help to find the best way arrange my source code - using GIT as source control - when two different applications (targets) are sharing some common PBL's. Our company is using Bitbucket.

My current setup is like the following example:

Application 1 has the following library list.
c:\develop\Application1\application1.pbt (target)
c:\develop\Application1\*.pbl (application specific PBL's)
c:\develop\Common\*.pbl (common PBL's)

Application 2 has the following library list.
c:\develop\Application2\application2.pbt (target)
c:\develop\Application2\*.pbl (application specific PBL's)
c:\develop\Common\*.pbl (common PBL's)

My current workspace in placed in c:\develop\my_applications.pbw which has targets for Application 1 and 2. 

I must be able to handle different versions of Application 1 and 2. Do they have to be in different workspaces and different repositories to achieve that? 

How can I handle the common PBL's that are shared between the applications? I want the common PBL's the be in source control too and of course I do not want to have two copies of the common PBL's.

Please, help needed.


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Matthew Balent answered PowerBuilder + GIT + Multiple Applications sharing PBL's


You may want to consider setting up a target for your common code.  You could then have three git projects (app1, app2, and common).  If you want to ensure no code changes are made in common objects while working on App1 or App2, you could change their libraries and have them refer to .PBD files and not the common .PBL files.