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Hi All,

Perhaps I am missing something, but in Appeon Enterprise Manager, I can only see 20 applications listed under the Mobile App Distribution -> Applications.  This has become troublesome, as when I need to generate QR Codes for distribution I have to undeploy Apps or else I have to add the application manually within AWS.  This is a very cumbersome process especially on a development server where we are constantly deploying and testing various different apps with multiple versions.

Is there a reason for this limitation?

Is there a way to scroll the list or display more Apps?

Many Thanks


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Chris Pollach answered AEM - Limit on QR Code generation


Hi Michael;

  Can you tell us ...

1)  Are you using the latest version of Appeon for PB ... Appeon 2016 Build 1119?

2) What O/S & Web Browser are you using AEM with?

Regards ... Chris

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PS: I am scrolling through 40+ Apps in my AEM for QRCode generation and they are all scrollable.

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HI Chris,

I have latest Appeon release installed (2016 build 1119).  I noticed this issue with the previous build also, but it was not as big an issue at the time.

I have tried in Chrome, Firefox and MS Edge and all 3 browsers will only list 20 apps in the Mobile Distribution list.  However when I look at the Configuration Summary it lists 24 of my apps!