About Tags

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Tags make it easy for you to find relevant content in the Appeon Community.  Content typically spans multiple topics, technologies, and products.  While a particular content will have a single master product group, such as PowerBuilder, with proper tagging we can eliminate content silos from forming.  This will increase the likelihood you don’t miss out on content that matters to you.

Basic Instructions
All content must have at least one tag up to a maximum of five.  Usually the more tags the better (as long as they are key focus of the content).  Since content is organized by a master product group, we recommend your first tag to be a topic tag (e.g. performance) or technology tag (e.g. SQL) that already appears in the tag list.  Of course, you may create your own (user-defined) tags as well.

User-Defined Tags
We want the Appeon Community to be organic and evolve in a way that works for you.  As such, we permit users to create their own tags.  But with such power comes responsibility because the new tags you create will be added to the tag list, which is used to organize content for all community members.

Please try to keep in mind these 3 simple rules:

       1.  Check for duplicates – this sounds silly but it happens quite often; for example, “PB”,“PowerBuilder” and “Power Builder” will be recognized as 3 different tags.
       2.  Check your English – all tags should be in English and spelled correctly please.
       3.  Be specific and concise – please do not write long phrases or use words that can easily be interpreted in different ways.

Evolution of Tags
You may at any time edit any content You posted to remove a tag or add a new one.  So it’s never too late to improve how your content is tagged or fix mistakes.  After all, it’s somewhat pointless to put energy in creating content that few people can find.