1. John Strano
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 13 September 2018

A customer is experiencing an issue in which their PowerBuilder 2017 GA application. Users are losing DB connections and the PowerBuilder application crashes.

Sometimes such error coincides with a network “flap”, and several users report it at the same time. Other times, Network services cannot see any flaps/disconnects, yet the PowerBuilder apps freeze, disappear and/or show an error like:


...So while several departments at the customer site looked at DB, network and the multiple workstations, there is no “smoking gun” so far.

 The customer perceives that before they migrated to PowerBuilder 2017 these issues were non-existent (or extremely rare and/or not reported). After the migration to PowerBuilder 2017 it started happening regularly.

Is there any way to confirm – or rule out – the possibility that PowerBuilder 2017 is indeed prone to such issues versus PowerBuilder 12.6, for example is known to be “more sensitive” to flaps, or is known to react to A/V events, etc.?

Here is an event log passed on to us from the customer.

Please note the cited faulting module as PBSHR170.DLL…