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I built a composite datawindow to allow a user to print two dw's on a single page. I am using sharedata on the dwc's to populate the dw's.  When I call sharedata on one of the dw's it pops the "specify retrieval arguments" window.  Any ideas what is causing this? There was a dddw in the dw but AutoRetrieve was off and the arguments we not the ones requested.


ll_status = dw_print.GetChild("dw_header", dwc_header)

if ll_status > 0 then
ll_status = dw_main.ShareData(dwc_header) // this is where the box pops
end if

ll_status = dw_print.GetChild("dw_invoices", dwc_invoices)

if ll_status > 0 then
ll_status = dw_invoices.ShareData(dwc_invoices)
end if

Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi John;

  Did you follow your code in the PB Debugger to find which DWC share is causing the Retieval Arguments to activate? If so, it might be more than one DDDW firing or another child DWO within that child DWO.

Regards ... Chris

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