1. Paras Gupta
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  3. Friday, 11 May 2018

We are migrating from PB10 to Appeon . In PB 10 we were using psr files for message pop ups . While using in appeon psr files are not opening at run time .Now , we have installed trial version of Appeon infomaker .How should we proceed further ?

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Hi Paras;

     The PSR files are actually and export of the DataWindow object's source code and its data into a textual format. Due to including the DW source code - the PSR recipient must be of the same vintage as the creator. That is, a PB 10 PSR is not compatible with IM 2017 and an IM2017 PSR is not compatible with PB 10. You have to use the same version of IM / PB for the PSR's to work 100%. In the future, that would mean using IM2018 & PB 2018 together as well.

Regards ... Chris

Not sure if it helps, but we tried to create a psr file with PB 9 and it opens up just fine with PB 2017 R2. We didn't try with IM.

  1. Kim Berghall
  2. Friday, 11 May 2018
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