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today we experienced a weird problem with our application build with PB 2017 R2. We tried to install an update of this app on a clients system but trendmirco blocked and finally deleted the app-executable because of a possible threat. Over the last years we had several customers without any problems.

After this I have checked out our previous releases back until the year 2011 on virustotal.com. I discovered the issue came up with the first release made with PB 12.6 in 2015 and continues until today. Before this we had used PB 12.5.2 with no problems.

I have just created an empty app (only a window without coding) with PB 2017 R2 and have the same problems. (Disabled debug symbol, 32bit, Pcode, no other Libraries) The screenshot shows the result from the virustotal website. Is this a know problem or better, is there a solution or workaround?

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Your best bet is to submit an exe to the anti-virus vendor and tell them you are getting a false positive. They should be able to figure out why and update their algorithms.

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