1. CJ Lai
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  3. Monday, 5 August 2019 14:06 PM

Hi PB Gurus

I am facing a problem- my client has an application where PBLs are in different folders. Plus, the PFC class PBLs are in other folders.

To have a better visual, let's just use the example below:

On a window server:


I have no problem to put those folders and PBLs in PB 2017 IDE for development and even run the application in the IDE.

Also, I am able to build a project and have an executable with PBD files generated in their own folders.

If I leave those PBD files in their folders, I get a linkage error when run the executable.
In order to run the application by launching the executable, do I have to have all those PBD files in one folder?
What do I need to do to run the executable if I would like to leave those PBD files in their folders? Do I need to specify those folders in the system path variable?

Thank you for your reply


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André Monz Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 5 August 2019 14:31 PM
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Have look into Powerbuilder IDE->Help->Content, Chapter "Deploying applications, components, and supporting files"



Thanks, André!
  1. CJ Lai
  2. Monday, 5 August 2019 15:35 PM
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