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  3. Friday, 29 November 2019 03:22 AM UTC

Dear Appeon:

Frankly, with PBL Web I had anticipated having an environment that would help to easily write  "true" web applications.

So the end user would type simply www.mySuperStore.com, and the SuperStore web application  would pop in a generic browser, like any other .com. No extra setup, or other effort will be needed. This application would be presented to the user as a C# application, but it would be initially written in PBL  web. So, the PBL developer would write this application in PBL, then press a magic button, and PBL would convert the PBL source to HTML/C# code.

Or (seemingly) more simple but along these lines: assume that I already have a Web app written in C#, and I need to add a data entry dw to it. I develop such dw in PBL, then press that magic button, and PBL would convert my dw to HTML/C#. Then, i would deal with this HTML/C# source outside of PBL. Thus, PBL will be a tool to write initial "raw" web forms, and this will be a huge help in web development ( I think).

Please advise on these (probably naive) ideas.

thank you in advance.









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Thank you for such a quick response, very helpful and clarifying.



  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Friday, 29 November 2019 16:38 PM UTC
You're welcome.
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  1. Friday, 29 November 2019 04:25 AM UTC
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If you want to do a pure HTML application, what PowerBuilder can help you with is to make the server-side business logic using C# programming and DataWindow technology.  You would be coding in C# not PowerScript, but it is very similar to PowerScript because of DataWindow technology so it is fast and easy.  Also, if you have existing business logic we provide tools to automatically convert non-visual PowerBuilder code to C# (PowerScript Migrator).

As for the HTML UI, you would need to create your own ASP.NET pages using a separate tool, for example Visual Studio.  In the future, we plan to add HTML page development capability to the C# IDE included with PowerBuilder (SnapDevelop) so you can do everything with a single tool.

There is no solution to automatically convert entire PowerBuilder application to HTML app.  Appeon already tried this back in 2001 and it failed and then Sybase tried again in PowerBuilder 11 (PB WebForms) and that also failed.  Based on our 20+ years of experience with PowerBuilder, you cannot do a 100% automatic conversion of a PowerBuilder client/server app to HTML and expect good performance/scalability, code that is well designed and easy to maintain, and no significant loss of PB functionality.


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