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  3. Thursday, 17 December 2020 22:25 PM UTC

We need to know what is required to install Appeon PowerBuilder Runtime libraries and to deploy power builder builds, to Windows Server 2016 -- not as a client/server, just as a regular OS.


Hi Chris,



Yes I was meaning PowerBuilder.  In SAP PowerBuilder 12.6 Build 4098 we had to install the .Net pre-requisites.


I deployed the application and now we want our Appeon PowerBuilder application to be installed on a Server using Sybase.  We do not want the Client IDE included on the Server.






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Chris Pollach @Appeon replied to the discussion Appeon PowerBuilder 2019 R2 Client Installation



Hi Craig;


   PowerBuilder does not have a "Server" feature in PB 2019 R2. It does have a "Server" feature in PB2019 R3 named PowerClient. Is that what you are referring to or are you thinking of the PowerServer product instead?


Regards .... Chris

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  1. Thursday, 17 December 2020 22:52 PM UTC
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Hi Craig;

   The deployment to MS-Windows server edition O/S is the same as W10 for example. If you open the PB help file, search for the keyword "runtime", then you should then find a link to the section that lists all the PB runtime files required by PB functional area.

  You can also use the "PB Packager" utility to build an MSI install for the same PB runtime DLLs as listed in the Help file.


Regards ... Chris

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