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We are connecting to Sybase using SYC driver. I am trying to increase

Though the @@textsize on the database is set to 131072 and SQLCA.DBParm = "DBTextLimit='65536'" in databaseprofile, the text column is still truncating to 32768 when datawindow is created.

But, if size is reduced by changing  SQLCA.DBParm = "DBTextLimit='5000'"  then the datawindow shows the column correctly with 5000 char when it is created.

This is working correctly when I tested it with ODBC driver after adding PBMaxTextSize='65536' in pbodb170.ini

I tried with PB12.6 and see the same problem with the SYC driver.

Is this a bug or am I missing something for the SYC driver?

Thank you,

Sailaja Jasti

Roland Smith Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

That has been a limitation for a long time and isn't limited to Sybase ASE.

You should be able to open the DataWindow in edit source mode and manually change the size of the column in the resultset.

You could submit a bug report to Appeon, maybe they will fix it.

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