1. Danish Ahamed LiakathAli
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Monday, 4 May 2020 17:45 PM UTC

We have migrated our application from 10.2 to 2019 R2. I need a help to solve RTE data display issue.
I have an issue when opening the existing rte data(which was created in PB version 10.2) in the PB 2019 R2.
I am using 'Built in TX Text Control'. So when I open the existing letter the content is not display in right alignment
and Right Indent is set 1.5 by default.

So to re-generate those data's to display correctly, I have found a work around to fix this in the newer version,
Where Select All the content by ctrl+A and open the paragraph properties by double clicking the arrow which is in the
position 1.5inch in the attached screenshot and changed the Right Indent value to 0.000.
After this changes , it display in correct alignment and data got updated as TX Control rte.

I have more than 100 records where I can't force the user to do this for each template.
So I want to try the same from the pb code before opening the existing template capture the RightIndent value and set the RightIndent value to 0.000. so that it will display correctly for the users.

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