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Can anyone tell me what i am doing wrong

I have a Rte control - that has text, text fields and numeric fields on it - i copy this to my datawindow the text fields display the data but the numeric fields just show a blank space.

The fields match in name - in fact they were created by copyRTF from the datawindow then pasteRTF to the rte then savedocument then edited in word - by copying the fields to the correct place in the document

Then insertfile into the datawindow

I am using pb2017 r3 ( also tried r2 )

the rte shows



Dear Customer

you have {totdue} outstanding 


the datawindow shows 


High Street

Dear Customer

you have outstanding



Just a space where the value {totdue} should be 

Any help would as always be greatly appreciated






Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Andrew;

  Instead of copy & pasting between the RTE control and DWO ... just use the "DataSource()" command to share data from the DWO directly to the RTE control. My guess is that your Copy & Paste operations might be interfering with the rich text codes.

Regards ... Chris

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