1. Connor Schmitt
  2. InfoMaker
  3. Monday, 22 January 2024 21:39 PM UTC

At the university that I work at, I have an issue with using CutePDF writer inside of Infomaker. I wanted to confirm that CutePDF writer is among the listed combability PDF writers that can be used inside of Infomaker. 

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 23 January 2024 00:01 AM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
  3. # 1

Hi Connor;

  These printer to PDF converters are commonly known as "PostScript" to PDF converters. As far as IM is concerned, this technology runs at "arms length" from IM and under the control of the Windows O/S print spooler. Thus, IM should work with any of these 3rd party PostScript products. Appeon though does not test with them other than GhostScript (original PS printer to PDF converter). Also, these PostScript drivers have varying results PDF wise (quality, formatting, readability, security, file size, etc). So you'll need to perform your own testing on your O/S environment to see what product (like CutePDF) works best for you. HTH 

Regards ... Chris 

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