1. Daniel Mullings
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 12 October 2023 20:13 PM UTC

I have a PB 2022 desktop application that opens an internal website in the new chromium webbrowser object. It prompts for SSO credentials prior to opening the site. Since the users log into the app using their SSO credentials, I was able to use the EvaluteJavascriptSync function call to populate the userid/password and click the submit button. 

ls_JS = "{ document.getElementById('Username').value = '"+is_username+"';"+"document.getElementById('Password').value = '"+is_password+"';"+"document.getElementsByClassName('signInBtn')[0].click(); }"

wb_browser.EvaluateJavascriptSync(ls_js, ls_result, ls_error)

But we've changed authentication methods and now I can get a cookie from ping access when the user logs into the application.

Is there a way to call this website in the webbrowser object with the authentication cookie to bypass the login page to open the site?

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