1. Thierry Del Fiore
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 27 January 2022 16:40 PM UTC



Oracle 19c


We have a frequent issue : Minidumpfiles are created until the HDD is full.

Really annoying when it happens on a client PC.

We use the ORA DBMS -> pbora190.dll

These files are created randomly, sometimes when the application or PB crash, sometimes when it seems to enter to an endless loop, even sometimes just by taking control of a VM where the app is running (and the app still running and doesn't crash).

Is this a known issue ?

Any suggestions how to solve this ? 

would a PB2019R3 or 2021 migration solve the issue ?



Miguel Leeuwe Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 27 January 2022 17:34 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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We have had the same thing happening with failed Oracle connections. If I remember well, it happened when the correct Oracle client wasn't found or when the tns-name wasn't found. Could also be a timeout having caused the problem.

So yes, we've also seen disks completely filling up with dump files. What we do now, is delete them all when starting the application:

// v1, mjl, 18/03/19: delete "*_minidump_default_pid_*.*" files:
n_cst_dirattrib lnv_dirAttribs[]
n_cst_filesrv lnv_filesrv
long ll_fileCnt, ll_i
lnv_filesrv = create n_cst_filesrvunicode
ll_fileCnt = lnv_filesrv.of_dirlist( of_getappdir() + "\*_minidump_default_pid_*.dmp", 0 + 32, lnv_dirAttribs )
//messagebox('debug', of_getappdir() )
for ll_i = 1 to ll_fileCnt
		fileDelete( of_getappdir() + "\" + lnv_dirAttribs[ll_i].is_filename )
	catch ( runtimeerror rt)
		// simply don't want to see any errors, hence the try catch
	end try
//if ll_fileCnt > 0 then
//	Messagebox("Information", string(ll_fileCnt) + " dump files have been deleted", information!)
//end if
destroy lnv_filesrv



  1. Thierry Del Fiore
  2. Friday, 28 January 2022 08:32 AM UTC
Hi Miguel,

thanks for the tip, unfortunately most of the time these dump files are created while the app is running (sometimes the app goes on, sometimes the app is freezing while the dump files are created).

Dum files of more than 500 MB are created each second, so the disk is full quite quickly.

its happens in executable and PB dev.

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Brad Mettee Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 27 January 2022 16:53 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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This doesn't look like it's only a PB problem.




Search for _minidump_default_pid at google and you'll find plenty more questions about it. One of the results indicates a newer version of the Oracle driver might solve it. 


There are also suggestions on hiding the problem (settings where it won't generate the dmp file), but that's sub-optimal in that an actual problem might not get reported too.

  1. Miguel Leeuwe
  2. Thursday, 27 January 2022 17:37 PM UTC
very helpful !
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  1. Thierry Del Fiore
  2. Friday, 28 January 2022 08:35 AM UTC

thanks i will have a closer look.

We use the latest Oracle 19c client.

The issue of dump files has appeared when we migrated to PB2019 / Oracle 19c, never happened with previous version of PB.

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