1. Olan Knight
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Wednesday, 21 July 2021 23:24 PM UTC

PB2019R2, b2703
Windows 10 64 bit platform
Client/Server application
No framework
Small, single PBL utility

We have determined empirically that in our environment, listed above, the max size of a dw_output before it either locks up, or locks up then abends the application, is:
         650,000 rows, from a 210 bytes-per-row input file
                              saved into dw_output defined with 23 columns as follows:

Note:  Several of the columns can be written/appended to during processing, hence their size.
          All input files are 210 bytes per row.

YMMV.   :)  

Mickey Hillel Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 26 July 2021 08:16 AM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Check out this property for your datawindow.


I think that 


should be able to fix the DW limation that you have encountered



  1. Miguel Leeuwe
  2. Tuesday, 27 July 2021 06:45 AM UTC
Hi, see: https://www.appeon.com/standardsupport/search/view?id=7001

There's not much difference between LARGE and MEDIUM (and Default), according to Appeon.

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  1. Olan Knight
  2. Tuesday, 27 July 2021 17:15 PM UTC
Thanks, Mickey! I am testing this now.
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  1. Olan Knight
  2. Wednesday, 28 July 2021 19:36 PM UTC
Well, this did not seems to make a difference in the processing. The app froze in the same location as it did prior to adding the property. :(

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Miguel Leeuwe Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 22 July 2021 08:08 AM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Hi Olan,

It's all about how much RAM you have available. If it's a 32 bit executable or when running from the IDE, your app can only use 2 GB of memory. (there's a way of 'tricking' windows to let it have 3 GB, but that's the max.).

If you have more RAM and you'd build a 64 bit executable, the amount of rows you can retrieve will significantly increase.


  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Friday, 23 July 2021 23:17 PM UTC
Hi Olan!

You can try this ...


Regards ... Chris
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  1. Miguel Leeuwe
  2. Saturday, 24 July 2021 20:03 PM UTC
Hi Olan, If you are referring to the "3 GB trick", there's this article by Yakow Verde:


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  1. Olan Knight
  2. Tuesday, 27 July 2021 18:18 PM UTC
Thank you for the tips, guys!
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