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I'm using PF2017 R3 Build 1858, deploying to PowerServer via IIS, using Oracle instant client 18.3 64 bit, running in Chrome 74.0.3729.131 64 bit. The transaction object uses a dynamic connection to log on.

When a client logs in we test to see if their account is set to Expired via the dbparms set to: SQLCache=0,PWExpDialog=1,PWDialog=1

In PB client this works fine, and the PWDialog pops up.

When I try this in PowerServer, I'm getting different behaviour, the SQLCode error isn't 28001, but minus -2146232008, I have to Pos the SQLErrText to check for ORA-28001. I can then use a service account to login to the app, change the password, and then log out, with user having to log back in with the updated user password.

The issues I'm curious about are:

Why doesn't the PWExpDialog=1,PWDialog=1 behave the same in PowerServer.

In order for the service account to log in, I have to issue a disconnect, which throws an error saying not connected, then issue a connect. (If I don't issue the disconnect the service account doesn't seem to be able to connect, I checked using a select sysdate from dual, and I'm not connected) Is there a way to reconnect without the disconnect? 


Chris Pollach Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Bryant;

  As per the PowerServer documentation ... The following DBParm parameters are supported: CommitOnDisconnect, CacheName, DelimitIdentifier, DateTimeAllowed, DisableBind, NCharBind, TrimSpaces and Identity.

 All other DBParm settings not listed above are not supported by PowerServer.


Regards ... Chris

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