1. Randal Stop
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Monday, 22 May 2023 17:27 PM UTC

Bug 9366 font problem - I have a production program that has many installed locations.  Can I just update a dll in the current runtime installation or do I have to go through a complete rebuild and replace the entire runtime?  If I can update a single dll how do I go about getting it.


John Fauss Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 22 May 2023 17:39 PM UTC
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Hi, Randall -

Are you referring to an application DLL (built from a .pbl) or a PB runtime (system) DLL?

  1. Randal Stop
  2. Monday, 22 May 2023 17:48 PM UTC
PB Runtime
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  1. John Fauss
  2. Monday, 22 May 2023 18:00 PM UTC
Then I take it from your question that there is a bug fix for this particular issue that is comprised of a new/replacement DLL.

If the DLL was not built for the PB version, release and build that you are using, I would not attempt to use it in my applications. Mixing runtime DLL's from different builds is definitely NOT a good idea, particular in a production situation, unless you are seeking an exit strategy. Others in the Community are welcome to chime in.
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  1. Randal Stop
  2. Monday, 22 May 2023 20:27 PM UTC
Thanks John! I noticed in one of the blogs where the Appeon tech told the developer/user this: Please replace the PBDWE.DLL(default directory is: C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\Common\PowerBuilder\Runtime Thats why I was wondering if I could just replace a DLL without going through a full build and deploy and sending out a completely new runtime.
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