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Andreas Mykonios

Andreas Mykonios

My first experience with PowerBuilder (v. 5) was in 1998. Since then, I had the opportunity to watch the evolution of the product and work with almost every version of it. I used PFC in most projects I was responsible for. Meanwhile, I coded in VB.NET, C#, AutoIt, B4J, Python, and Java. I have worked with ASE, SQL Anywhere, MySQL, SQLite, and recently with Oracle (PL-SQL and web applications using APEX). I am currently using PowerBuilder 2019 R3 and 2022 R3. I have been involved in different projects including the creation and maintenance of an ERP System, CRM, scanning and indexing software, collateral management software, batch image processing, simple document management systems, OCR, and form reading. Whereas I have worked with a variety of tools, PowerBuilder is one of the best IDE I have ever used, as it offers great productivity and simplicity while remaining powerful. I was thrilled with the recent evolution and look forward to new releases and further improvements brought to the product by Appeon.