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Bruce Armstrong created the code: RibbonBar Menu Generator
The attached utility allows you to select a target and will list the menus within the application. If you double click on a menu, the utility will generate sample XML for a RibbonBar that will contain app menu items and ribbon buttons corresponding to menu items in the selected menu.

In order to deal with inherited menus, the application adds the libraries from the selected target to it's own library list. Since that approach only works in an executable (not the development environment) you much compile the utility form the attached PBL and run the executable.

As written, the utility can only deal with targets whose libraries are in the same directory as the target or in sub-directories under the target directory. If your application uses targets whose PBLs are not in that structure, you will need to modify the of_gettarget method to better handle the parsing the library locations.

You can see it in operation in the following video: vimeo.com/407468290/81c471cd86

12/28/2020: The sample has been updated for 2019 R3.

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