We are working hard to make the Appeon Community a trusted and valuable technical resource for users of Appeon products.  Please carefully review all the rules below.    

1.    Search first. There are many answered questions and helpful articles already posted. Before posting a new question, please search carefully.  Redundant questions just create clutter and reduce the effectiveness of the Appeon Community.

2.    Fully participate.  What you get out of the Appeon Community depends on what you put into it.  Please fully complete your profile with your real identity, give thanks to those who help you, and contribute back by sharing your knowledge.

3.  Stick to the facts. We strongly encourage knowledge sharing. However, please make claims based on your own “real-life experience” rather than beliefs or opinions.  Creating inaccurate content is doing a disservice to fellow community members and damages your reputation.

4.  Provide “open” links.  It’s perfectly fine to provide links to external sites if they are relevant and useful, provided your links meet ALL the following requirements:

      a)  links to content do not require registration or subscription fees to read;
      b)  links to software or code samples are for open-source versions only; and
      c)  links are, to the best of your knowledge, for the original site and free of malware.

5.  Do NOT plagiarize.  Posting technical solutions with no indication that it is not your own – even if your intention was not to plagiarize - is frowned upon.  Please make sure to properly cite the author(s) and link to the original page or answer (from another site or in an answer on the Appeon Community).

6.   Do NOT troll. Appeon Community is not a place for venting, negativity, or hostility, especially if you are provoking or offending a fellow community member.  Keep communications factual, professional, and courteous.  Repeat offenders will be banned! 

7.   Do NOT advertise. “Marketing” of any commercial products or services (including trial or starter versions) is strictly prohibited. If you want people to know your affiliation with your company, put those details in the bio of your profile.  If you want someone to buy what your company offers, share your expertise and they may very will seek you out.

8.   Report violators. Click the report as inappropriate link if you believe a community member is violating these rules or doing something inappropriate.

9.   Use correct support channels. The Appeon Community is definitely a place to get help from fellow community members, but it is not an official support channel.  If you have a reproducible test case for a bug or need paid support please open a Support Ticket