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An article is one of the most effective ways for others to be able to learn from you.  It is an efficient medium for your audience to consume.  It is able to deliver necessary information in sufficient detail.  And it is easily found through search engines, such as Google.

We strongly encourage you to share any and all technical solutions you think would benefit the community.  It really doesn’t matter if writing is not your strength.  After all, others will care most about what they learn that can be applied to their projects.

Key Requirements

Although your article must be reviewed before it appears on the Appeon Community, it is not necessary to seek pre-approval.  We usually publish articles that comply with these requirements:

  1. Technical – your article should have reasonable technical depth, and be useful to a user of Appeon products.  Sorry, no announcements allowed!
  2. Factual – stick to facts rather than opinions, and refrain from berating a particular company, product, or individual.  The merits of your solution will be evident.
  3. Unique – avoid content that is largely similar to an existing articles, unless you have a substantially different technical solution.
  4. Non-Infringement – your content may not infringe on the intellectual property of others.  Please make sure to properly cite when creating a derivative work.
  5. Non-Promotional – your article may not be a “marketing piece” or promote a specific commercial product, unless there is a free and open-source version available.

However, if you are not sure your article complies, please feel free to email us an abstract first.

Advice for Authors

  • Stay Focused – focus your topic narrow enough that you can cover it in a single article format.  It is perfectly fine to do a series of articles on related topics.
  • Create an Effective Title – your title should be a) concise, b) distill the essence of your article, and c) answer why it is useful.
  • Include Code Snippets – code snippets are very efficient way to communicate complex concepts without having an overly verbose article or losing your audience.
  • Include Visuals – screenshots or diagrams that help visualize abstract concepts or the end result are very valuable; as the cliché goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. 
  • Make it Complete – try to make your article complete enough that your reader can actually apply it in real-life; while a crude measure, word counts significantly <1,000 can highlight incomplete articles.
  • Run Spellcheck – please use a word processor to write your article first, and run its spellcheck functionality before submitting your article through the Appeon Community.