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  3. Friday, 29 June 2018 23:11 PM UTC


I merged wrong code into one of the PBL and followed below script to prepare build and executables. It went through without throwing any error. Would you please advice how to get an error while preparing build and write into a log file?

start session set appendlib ".\qadbtest\qadbtest.pbl" "n" set appendlib ".\shared_obj\shared_obj.pbl" "y" set appendlib ".\datatypes\datatype.pbl" "y" set appendlib ".\chgreqs\chgreqs.pbl" "y" set application ".\qadbtest\qadbtest.pbl" "qadbtest" build library ".\shared_obj\shared_obj.pbl" "" pbd build library ".\datatypes\datatype.pbl" "" pbd build library ".\chgreqs\chgreqs.pbl" "" pbd build executable ".\qadbtest\qadbtest.exe" ".\emp.ico" ".\qadbtest.pbr" "" file copy ".\qadbtest\qadbtest.exe" ".\bin\qadbtest.exe" file copy ".\chgreqs\chgreqs.pbd" ".\bin\chgreqs.pbd" file copy ".\datatypes\datatype.pbd" ".\bin\datatype.pbd" file copy ".\shared_obj\shared_obj.pbd" ".\bin\shared_obj.pbd" end session


Earlier, I used PVCS as Source Control. When ever I run the ORCA scripts for PVCS,

a. Get PBG from Project Workspace (File Server) into Local Folder.

b. execute following command "import pbg2pbl"

c. It brings up PowerBuilder IDE to regenerate, building and writing all objects.


Shall I do the same way here? If yes, How would I open PB IDE using "ORCASCR170.exe".... Any thoughts?

If you provide any sample scripts are much appriciated.

Thanks in advance.


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  1. Wednesday, 11 July 2018 20:25 PM UTC
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If what you mean is that you included the wrong PBL in your compile, then the only way it would have generated an error is if there was a dependency in that wrong PBL that could not be resolved, or if there was bad code in the PBL.

Otherwise, you have specified a valid PBL for the build.

There is absolutely nothing that the compiler can do to detect this situation.

Now, some tools may allow for a built-in validation of the PBLs specified to occur based on the current active PROJECT, but that's a function of that particular tool.

This is one of those things you have to watch for manually.

Of course, you could build a batch file with the CORRECT compile string listed and run the batch file each time a new build is required, RATHER than re-entering the compile string over and over.

Later -


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