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hi all


I am trying to connect to Ms sql database with ADO.net driver ( the  app is  pb 2017 version , on  windows 10 , 64 bit .)

I did put all the needed dll files with the exe file directory ( and  i tried with installing the msi file created by the pb run time packager )

I checked if the frameworker.Net  is enabled in the control panel .

The funny thing is :

               i have the same app with version 12.5 -  works .

              with the 2017 app version -  DBMS ADO.Net is not supporting on your current installation  ( over and over no matter what i do )

What can be the problem ?

what dll files do i need ?  i want to put all the needed dll files with the exe file and to install


Rodolfo Reyes Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Look here, the section "Data access using the ADO.NET interface"




 Rodolfo Reyes


Hi Rodolfo

if only says you to install the Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.0 or later Redistributable Package and it allready installed.

What else i can do ?

What to check ?


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