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ISSUE: Receive error “No Network Connection” on logon to PowerBuilder


SYMPTOM: Error “No Network Connection” was received on every attempt to open PowerBuilder and occurs immediately on version installation. Experienced on install of  V19 - but may be experienced in other versions.  When initiating PowerBuilder process hangs for a long time and then returns a message “No Network Connection”. You exit and the application closes.


TEMPORARY WORKAROUND:  You can get into PowerBuilder bypassing this error by first logging into the portal of Appeon using your provided logon ID and password , then clicking on a PBW file type in your source repository. Do not go into directly into PowerBuilder first.


CAUSE: The issue is caused during the license verification process. The PowerBuilder application goes out to 1 of 2 URL’s ( and to verify your license is up to date. Normally, these URL's would be allowed by proxy policy, if the request was made to the proxy from the software component – however our site does not use/allow “transparent proxies” – browsers and software components must be configured to make requests to the proxy explicitly. Since PowerBuilder is trying to access these api servers directly and not via our proxy the service is stopped and you receive the error “No Network Connection”.

The PowerBuilder software is not capable in V19, and other versions, to configure explicit proxy settings for the application.


RESOLUTON:  Create 2 Firewall rules for each PowerBuilder development PC allowing PC and its IP address direct communication (allows by pass of proxy policy) to the following Appeon license servers:  - -

After the rules are created logon direct to PowerBuilder occurs quickly and successfully.  


CONTENGENCY: Appeon servers noted above must remain static or this process will not be effective. Otherwise new Firewall rules will be required and you will need to obtain from Appeon the server names (if changed) and IP.   


WRITTEN BY: Robert D. Eckstine, Jr.


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