1. Aaron D'Hooghe
  2. SnapObjects
  3. Friday, 8 March 2024 10:46 AM UTC



I have a database context that looks like this:

public class DataContext : OdbcSqlAnywhereDataContext
public DataContext (string connectionString)
: this(new OdbcSqlAnywhereDataContextOptions<DataContext>(connectionString))

public DataContext(IDataContextOptions<DataContext> options)
: base(options)


public DataContext(IDataContextOptions options)
: base(options)

But when i use the SqlQueryBuilder, this database type is set to SqlServer while i'm using a SqlAnywhere

Is there a way to manually set this database type to SqlAnywhere?


Kind Regards,

Aaron D'Hooghe



Francisco Martinez @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 8 March 2024 18:56 PM UTC
  2. SnapObjects
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Hi Aaron,


What version of SnapDevelop/SnapObjects are you working with here? If it's the latest version I suggest creating a ticket for our Engineers to take a look at this issue.



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