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We are working on a web migration project with PowerBuilder 2017 R3. Our monitors are 27 inches and we can use half of our monitor to work with our application but when we open another response window, it opens it in the upper left part of our monitor. Even if we check the property "Center" it is going to be centered in the middle of the monitor and not in the middle of our browser. I understand that the response windows and the MessageBox's are independent windows but when I try to see the position of my MDI window to adjust the response window it gives me the coordinates X=0 & Y=0 that means that is giving me the coordinates inside my browser. How can I know the coordinates of my browser to calculate where I should position the responses windows?

Attached an example of the response windows. 

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Hi Oscar,

Please work around the response window issue by using opensheet function to open it.

For example:
opensheet(w_response, w_mdi, 1, Original!)


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