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Hello Rex here, I am contracting at a company that has two full time PB developers.  The full time developers are using 2017 enhanced and I am using the 2017 standard edition (all on R2).  One of the developers with the enhanced version has created a .net dll for web to retrieve some information.  When I attempt to run my code from development everything works fine until I hit the call to this web service.  We have verified the new dlls are in the proper directory.  I know that I can not create a web service with standard edition.  Can I not consume one that was created by another developer with the enhanced edition ?


Thanks for your help.

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 26 September 2018 19:11 PM UTC
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Hi Rex;

   Yes, the PB2017 "Standard" edition does not support building or modifying .Net Assemblies or .NET Web services.

   However, it should support consuming these. Note that .Net assemblies cannot be consumed directly in PB Apps, as they have to be made "COM Callable" first. Calling Web Services is supported in the Standard Edition. Note that PB2017 only supports SOAP / .Net SOAP, whereas PB2017 R2 & R3 support calling RESTful web services as well.

   Tip: If you cannot get a useful error code and/or error message when the WS call fails, try placing a TRY..CATCH around the WS code. The generated "Exception" object should have more information as to the exact failure.


Regards ... Chris

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