1. Miraben Apani
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  3. Tuesday, 24 January 2023 20:39 PM UTC


I have converted two Datawindows into C# using Snap Develop, have two .NET Datastores, created a WEB API(c#) .I am using ODBC data connection. Working on Transaction management at API side, how to pass multiple DWs from PB (Client side) to API side. If I have dw_1 and dw_2, on ue_savechanges() event, which will accept changes from both DWs at PB side , how to bundle the changes and send it over to WEB API in single transaction?



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  1. Monday, 6 February 2023 14:27 PM UTC
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Thanks for all responses.

At PB side, I am able to get two DWs with modified data in ls_json using JSON Package, at API side I am using DataPacker and DataUnpacker, tried using Update() and SaveChanges() for transaction management - unable to Save changes in database.

When I debug the code both Datastores which I am using with Data packer/unpacker both became empty. 

Any suggestion on "how to" at API side, so that data gets saved in database successfully?

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Logan Liu @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 25 January 2023 02:40 AM UTC
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Hi Miraben,

Except for the JSONPackage on the Client side, you can use IDataPacker.GetDataStore method to help you to get two .NET DataStores from the JSON on the Web API side: https://docs.appeon.com/net_datastore/4.x/api_reference/DWNet.Data/DataStore/DataStorePackerExtensions/Method/GetDataStore3.html

There was a similar post about this question: https://community.appeon.com/index.php/qna/q-a/process-jsonpackage-in-snapdevelop-controller

For how to Work with Transactions in .NET DataStore, please refer to: https://docs.appeon.com/dwconverter2022/Working_with_Transactions_in_.NET_DataStore/index.html#transactions-using-datacontext-transaction-apis

Regards, Logan

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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 24 January 2023 21:00 PM UTC
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Hi Miraben ;

  For that "use case", you would use the JSONPackage Object class ...

FYI:  https://docs.appeon.com/pb2019/objects_and_controls/ch02s45.html


Regards ... Chris


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