1. Bryant Burnard
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
  3. Wednesday, 14 October 2020 18:55 PM UTC


Looking on how to fill in a value under the Welcome > Server > Sessions > Active Sessions; the value is User Name.

All the other values there, Session ID, IP Address, Application Name, etc have been automatically filled in. How does, or how can we have the user name populated? (We are using Dynamic Database connections in our data sources)



Other back ground stuff:

PowerBuilder 2019 R2 Build 2328

PowerServer 2020 Build 2323.00, 64-bit, Windows Server 2019, .Net

Oracle 18 database



mike S Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Wednesday, 14 October 2020 20:11 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer 2020 or older (Obsolete)
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If you have your own login process (your own login screens), then you can't set it.

to use it, you have to use the powerserver user setup and login processing for that to show up. 

     ** server security in AEM  under server, and client security under application ( i think )


  1. mike S
  2. Wednesday, 14 October 2020 20:14 PM UTC
and yes, it would be nice if that was something that could be set.

I would also (or instead of) like to be able to set a description or comment to be linked and viewable on the session in AEM.
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