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One of our customers has our applications (PB 2017 R3) in a folder on a fileserver.

All shortcuts on the users computers are like this: \\Fileserver\Maritech\App\app.exe

Most of our other customers instead maps this share \\Fileserver\Maritech\ to a permament drive, ie. G:\, so that the shortuts is G:\App\app.exe rather than UNC.


In my opinion, running our application from a UNC share looks to be much slower than from a mapped drive.

Is this a known issue? Do you always prefer to run from a mapped drive?


To run the application locally on each computer could of course be a solution, but it makes upgrading a nightmare.

Now we just kick everyone out, upgrade \\Fileserver\Maritech\App with a new version and there you go.

To introduce a new regime with setups and stuff is totally off the table at this stage.


The fileserver is Windows 2016 Standard.

Databaseserver Windows 2008 Server R2.




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You could try my PBUpdater tool. Using just PB code it allows for an app to be installed on a local drive and automatically update itself at startup.

I use it in my PBSearch tool. The Admin program that is part of PBUpdater uses FTP to store updated files on the server. Each file is contained in a password protected zip file. There is a text file uploaded that lists all the files and their UTC datetimestamp. At startup the app gets the file and compares the datetimestamp. If any files are out-of-date, it asks the user if it is ok to download. The zip files are downloaded via GetURL and unzipped using ZLib. A vbscript is created to copy the files into the installation folder. The user exits the app and the vbscript is executed.

It also has an option to store the files on the local network.



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