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Hello Appeon Powerbuilder team,


We have a Power builder application which migrated from power builder 9.0 to power builder 2017R3. The database used was Oracle 11g. the 11G client has no issues connecting with PB2017R3. The problem lies with the PB 2017R3 connection with Oracle 12C client. When we try to connect PB2017R3 to Oracle 12C we are unable to set the role when the role needs a password. May i know the difference in identifying the passwords between Oracle 11g and Oracle 12C clients? Also we need to know if we need to change any parameters in the initialization file.

Powerbuilder: 2017R3 Build 1880

Database: Oracle12C

Operating system: Windows 10

we have the following settings in the .ini file.

DBMS=O90 Oracle 9.0.1

DbParm="DelimitIdentifier='NO' PWDialog=1 DisableBind=1 StaticBind=1 PWExpDialog=1 QualifyPublic=1 "



DBMS = 090 Oracle9.0.1 works well even with Oracle 11G client. But we need to to know the driver version for Oracle 12C client. Does it have any significance for establishing a connection between client and powerbuilder?



Please check the code below. It is the same code but we need to remove the passwords from 12C client in order to establish a connection.


This part of the code works good when we try to connect to Oracle 11G

// Set the Role for this User.

ls_sql="Set Role Application_User Identified By pass***"


This same code did not work when trying to connect to Oracle 12C, We commented it out and had to make the following change by removing the password.

//Naveen Yendamuri Change for Oracle 12C testing.

// Set the Role for this User.
// ls_sql="Set Role Application_User Identified By pass****"
ls_sql="Set role sysadmin_user,application_user" ----------removed password


Please let us know the workaround for this issue,


Thanks in advance!!


Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 28 March 2019 19:02 PM UTC
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Hi ;

  For O11G and O12C you need to use the newer drivers, as follows:



Regards ... Chris

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