1. Meera Mohan
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  3. Thursday, 22 March 2018 19:34 PM
Hi, We've downloaded PB 2017 R2 , completed online activation and we've installed it Windows 7 machine. Installation was successful with no errors. Migrated our source code ( earlier PB version was Sybase PowerBuilder version 11.5) and created new exe. The new exe works perfectly in the machines where new PB2017 R2 is installed. However when we try in the machines which doesn't have PB 2017 R2 installed, exe opens up and the login screen appears and then it's stuck. After giving the login credentials, the page disappears and we're left with a blank screen. Checked the task manager and we could see that there's a process associated to our application. Note : We've already placed all the necessary dll's with exe. Any suggestions? Thanks
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  1. Thursday, 22 March 2018 20:11 PM
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Hi Meera,

that's a common runtime problem. If the exe works on the PB machine but doesnt on a non-PB machine, you are missing some dependency.

However, please try to be a bit more wording, just saying the application gets stuck doesnt help much and needs some guessing. For example, would be good to know DB type, 32/64bit, type of DB connection etc...

So, for the moment let me guess.

Getting stuck means the application might be waiting for some sort of network timeout. Since your application starts (i.e. the PB runtime is found) and gets stuck after you input login credentials I assume the problem is in the database connection.

So I would start checking:

  1. if you have the proper ODBC or native interface defined on the non-PB machine
  2. if you can connect the DB from outside the PB app (e.g. with ODBC administrator or DB login tools)
  3. if you have the proper PB interface installed (PBODB170.dll for ODBC, pbora170.dll for Oracle etc...)



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