1. Glenn Scamman
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 5 May 2022 21:43 PM UTC

Hello community, 

First, I read the Q&A from Peter Theim with a similar topic, but it was marked as resolved, so I'm starting a new question.

Second, I'm using PB 2019R3 and I know that dockable windows are obsolete as of PB 2019R2, but I'm taking a shot in the dark that the one thing I'm hoping for might be possible somehow, and not have to wait for PB 2022 R? where they might provide the ability to create a tabbed interface again, since the IDE will have a tabbed interface.

I'm converting a relatively small traditional MDI application with a MDI frame of window type mdi! and layered sheets to a tabbed-inteface MDI application with an MDI frame of window type mdidock! and opening the sheets with the OpenSheetAsDocument() command rather than regular OpenSheet commands.  We want to do this because we'd like to replace the conventional application menu with a slick navigation panel down the left hand side of the mdi frame, and rather than list the open sheets under the traditional "window" menu, they will be presented as tabs in the mdi frame.

The effort to do this was fairly minimal, and refactoring the whole application to use a window with a true tab control that opens user-objects would involve too much work...having to convert all existing window objects to user-objects.

I'm happy with the result of using docked windows in the "tabbed-document" style except for one thing.  The inability to control the vertical size and font of the tabs of this tabbed document interface.  The properties tab for 'Docking' gives the ability to control some text and background colors.

It even indicates those properties might be able to be controlled by Themes, but the settings for the normal "Tab" control have no effect on these, and I can't find any samples of theme-properties for a "tabbed-document" or anything similar.  Even if it did, I doubt it can control font size or just a vertical size.

Again, I'm just hoping for an answer that will make this low-cost conversion look "awesome" instead of just "pretty good".  Any suggestions?


Note that the screen shot below still shows a traditional menu.  I just haven't turned it off yet until I work out some other replacements for its actions.


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