1. yakov werde
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Thursday, 30 April 2020 16:47 PM UTC
Hi All,
This IDE question has major ramifications in our shop. The outcome informs whether we can migrate using 2019 R2 from TFS to SVN

Here's an outline of our current process
1) On our build server via TFS, we branch our trunk line into a new branch release code line
2) Dev copies their local trunk PBL set into new local branch folder 3) Dev creates a new PBW (workspace) in local branch folder 4) Dev navigates to Workspace Properties -->Source Control 5) Dev selects source control provider 6) Dev enters User ID & clicks connect button - 7) IDE Tool populates Project fields with corresponding TFS project path token ($/SMARTsoft/Utilities/SS_Builder) 8) Dev clicks OK 9) IDE synchronizes with TFS and done..... With SVN
1) On our build server we SVN branch Trunk to new release 2) DEV uses SVN URL in Tortoise SVN to get local ws_objects folder to local branch folder 3) DEV copies local trunk PBLs to local branch folder 4) DEV Creates (or Opens existing workspace file) - puts in new SVN URL and connects to source code 5) Dev continues on with coding activities
IDE offers a way to ADD a workspace SVN
BUT BUT. BUT it doesn't offer a way to input existing SVN URL to Workspace
How is this possible?
Any/all insight is appreciated

PS: I just opened a bug report asking how to re-establish SVN SCC settings
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  1. Thursday, 30 April 2020 21:55 PM UTC
  2. PowerBuilder
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Well to answer my own question

You have to have patience to teach old dogs new tricks

Different than the old days - The workspace file MUST be in SVN

So to pull down a new branch

Create local folder

Put PBLs in place

Use Tortoise to get repository

Put latest PBLs in place

Open empty IDE 

Right click in system tree --> Connect to Workspace

Fill in dialog with URL,credentials, local folder

Click OK


Thanks for your positive energy thoughts


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  1. Thursday, 30 April 2020 17:46 PM UTC
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We have a huge application like yours - 13,843 objects in 79 libraries.

We had been on ClearCase for a long time and switched to TFS 18 months ago. Recently we switched from TFS to GIT.

We have always been in disconnected mode. We manually create 'work libraries' for each change request and put them at the top of the target. We manually import/export objects between the work library and the local repository. The source control system admin tool handles GLV, Check-in and Check-out. For TFS and GIT we are using Visual Studio since the web developers are using it.

Then at night PowerGen creates fresh libraries that we copy down first thing in the morning by running a bat file. Since our work in progress is in a work library, it doesn't get overwritten.

I created an IDE wizard to facilitate the import/export process. It also will launch a compare tool to compare the work copy against the one in the home library.


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