1. mike S
  2. PowerServer
  3. Monday, 12 September 2022 15:34 PM UTC

I can see that the sql gets generated.  I do have a fresh web api posted up from snap develop.  

Some sql is working, this one is not working.  If i comment out this one sql select, i get another similar error.



Snap develop is giving me these warnings, perhaps this is the cause??

(an update in the nuget package tool does not update /fix this)


C:\APP\SnapDevelop\repos\PowerServer_appeonweb_cloud\ServerAPIs\ServerAPIs.csproj(0,0): Warning NU1504: Duplicate 'PackageReference' items found. Remove the duplicate items or use the Update functionality to ensure a consistent restore behavior. The duplicate 'PackageReference' items are: AspNetCoreRateLimit 4.0.2, AspNetCoreRateLimit 4.0.1; Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer 6.0.8, Microsoft.AspNetCore.Authentication.JwtBearer 6.0.1; SnapObjects.Data.SqlServer 4.0.0-dev-*, SnapObjects.Data.SqlServer 4.0.0-dev-*.

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mike S Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Saturday, 17 September 2022 16:10 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer
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Full rebuild is required a lot more often in PS 2022 ,  than what was required in PS 2020 and prior.  


the full rebuild of the PB portion fixed this.  Also had to redeploy the web api, but it was the full rebuild of PB that was the main cause of this.


as far as the duplicates warning is concerned, i had to delete the extra (duplicates) in the c# code

  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Saturday, 17 September 2022 17:47 PM UTC
Hi Mike ... I've noticed that a bit when working on my STD Framework. Especially ancestor related changes. We need to do a full deployment a bit more often in PS2022's PS based Apps to get the Web Server & PowerServer parts rebuilt correctly.

Thanks for your feedback!

Regards ... Chris
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Armeen Mazda @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 12 September 2022 15:53 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer
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Hi Mike, Please make sure the username/password for the database configured in the Web API tab of the project object has full rights to the database, and then in the Web API tab select a New Solution so it creates the Web API from scratch again.  If after doing this problem still persists, please open a support ticket.  Thanks.

  1. mike S
  2. Monday, 12 September 2022 19:06 PM UTC
doing the 'new solution' (and having to redo all my c# settings again) and then recopy of the webapi to the server now results in:

Error: Session creation failed.

Cause: Not Found (HTTP status code: 404). (Web API: http://myserver.com:82/api/ServerApi/CreateSession)

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  1. Armeen Mazda @Appeon
  2. Monday, 12 September 2022 20:23 PM UTC
404 error means either the URL is incorrect or the correct compiled files don't really exist on the IIS.

By the way, I know it is hassle to redo the C# settings again. This was just troubleshooting step.
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  1. mike S
  2. Monday, 12 September 2022 21:07 PM UTC
publish creates 2 folders under the net6.0

one is called publish, which is the one listed in the snapdevelop publish screen.

the other is called win-x64

I copied the win-x64, but that was the wrong one to copy up to the server.
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