1. mathews rutto
  2. PowerServer
  3. Tuesday, 21 September 2021 10:26 AM UTC


I want to silently install cloud app launcher, have read from from this link https://docs.appeon.com/ps2021/bk03ch05s01.html

My question is where do you run this command below. In the server or client machine or at deployment (under run option)?

CloudAppLauncher_Installer.msi /qn

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 21 September 2021 14:45 PM UTC
  2. PowerServer
  3. # 1

Hi Mathews;

  This would be run on each client machine, typically using something like an MS-Windows "policy" update. Since the CAL can be customized though, I would take it from your Upload to your local Web Server after it was customized and uploaded there from your IDE.

Regards ... Chris

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