1. Neil Prichard
  2. InfoMaker
  3. Monday, 6 December 2021 22:09 PM UTC

Is it possible to statically set the colors of a bar chart in informaker? 

Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Tuesday, 7 December 2021 04:10 AM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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Hi Neil;

   Via the Report Painter itself - No. It might be possible in IM2022 as PB & thus IM will get a Graphing feature boost per the roadmap.

   You can do this in PowerBuilder because you have 100% control over any graph's colour settings program (PowerScript language) wise. However, a workaround could be to create a PB global function that can set the graph's colour(s). GF's in PB can be then copied to an InfoMaker's library (aka a PBL) and then used internally by IM. I have not tried this personally but it should work as I have used PB GF's before in IM to perform report (aka DataWindow) property updates in real time.

Regards ... Chris

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