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Our application is based on PB2019R.

To login to our application, the user has to enter a password. Currently we are using own way of encrypting password and storing it in table.

BUT, we have been asked to use "Salt and Hash" to encrypt our application password.

Is there anyway can we achieve this in PowerBuilder?

Your help will be much appreciated.


Ganesan R

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  1. Thursday, 16 February 2023 14:47 PM UTC
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salt just means to add some values to the password, each user has their own salt values.  

 you need to decide the hash size:

SHA256! – SHA256

SHA384! – SHA384

SHA512! – SHA512

SHA3_224! – SHA3-224

SHA3_256! – SHA3-256

SHA3_384! – SHA3-384

SHA3_512! – SHA3-512


your code will look something like this

lcr_crypt = Create CrypterObject
lcdr_coder = Create CoderObject



lblob_password = blob( password_salted , EncodingUTF8! ) //salted password
lblb_hash = lcr_crypt.sha( SHA3_256! , lblob_password )
ls_hash = lcdr_coder.base64encode( lblb_hash )

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  1. Friday, 17 February 2023 10:08 AM UTC
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Thanks. We shall try this and get back If needed.


Ganesan R

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