1. Javier García
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Friday, 23 August 2019 09:02 AM UTC


we have developed a Web Service using PB2017 Universal version.

The .msi installer has been created and the Web Service has been deployed in the test server.

However when trying to invoke the WebService, the following arises:

Line 74:     
Line 75:         
Line 76:             
Line 77:             
Line 78:             

It seems that some runtime files are mising in the test server. I have searched on the forum, and found this tip:

    Yes, you will also need to run the .NET installation of PB. It can be found at ... "C:\Program Files (x86)\Appeon\PowerBuilder 17.0\DotNET\pbiu\BootStrapper\Packages\1-PBRuntime" and the install file will be named "pbruntime.msi"


However in my installation this folder only contains a file named 'configuration.xml', but there isn't a file named 'pbruntime.msi' to install .NET runtime on the test server where the Web Service is intended to run.

Any idea on how can we install the runtime needed on the server?



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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Friday, 23 August 2019 13:11 PM UTC
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Hi Javier;

  Check out my response in this thread ... PB Packager.


Regards ... Chris


  1. Javier García
  2. Tuesday, 27 August 2019 06:56 AM UTC
Thanks for your help Chis.

I found a workaround by copying the DLL's required in the same folder where I installed the WebService, but obviosly your answer is much better.
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  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Tuesday, 27 August 2019 18:15 PM UTC
Glad that you were able to resolve this "challenge"! ;-)
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