1. Neil Prichard
  2. InfoMaker
  3. Wednesday, 12 June 2024 22:07 PM UTC

I am currently trying to get a RTF field to display as RTF without the commands in the preview data window.  i created a new report data window object RichText, I have a column which contains the RTF with the commands however when i add the column to the report and retrieve it displays the RTF commands, is there something i am missing, why is the RTF not displaying without the commands? 


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Andreas Mykonios Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 13 June 2024 07:35 AM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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The rtf datawindow is designed to do something equivalent to what you can do using word's mail merge. You use a ready rtf that contains some fields that are retrieved and filled with an sql select (or by the user).

There is another option, to use a column field with a rich text edit style, but as I understand this isn't what you really need here.

From my understanding you would have to save the rtf somewhere on your disk and then to load in to an rtf control...


  1. Neil Prichard
  2. Friday, 14 June 2024 19:32 PM UTC
So the RTF data window is more like a template that pulls out set information within the RTF? What i am trying to do is display this one column that is the notes columns for an encounter, so the information is never set and can even include pictures.
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Neil Prichard Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Monday, 17 June 2024 21:58 PM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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I found that i needed to just set the Style Type to RichText, i didnt need to use a richtext datawindow

  1. Andreas Mykonios
  2. Tuesday, 18 June 2024 06:11 AM UTC
This is what I told you in my original answer...
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  1. Neil Prichard
  2. Tuesday, 18 June 2024 20:45 PM UTC
you did, i updated the request, my apologies
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Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation
  1. Thursday, 13 June 2024 13:50 PM UTC
  2. InfoMaker
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Hi Neil;

  Have you first tried testing your data by

  1. Selecting the RTF column data from your DBMS via a SelectBlob command
  2. Writing the RTF data to an external file using the FilerWrite command
  3. Then opening the RTF data in MS-Word to see if it displays OK

The above test would then first prove that the RTF data in the DBMS was intact with all the proper embedded command codes present. If it does not display in MS-Word, then it would not be the PB RTE or RTF DW's issue. It could be the way the RTF data is saved in the DBMS.  Food for thought.

Regards .. Chris

  1. Neil Prichard
  2. Friday, 14 June 2024 19:26 PM UTC
The RTF column displays in our application that is developed using PowerBuilder, so i know the issue is not with the RTF format. Can you confirm that Infomaker should display a SQL column that is RTF?
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  1. Chris Pollach @Appeon
  2. Friday, 14 June 2024 20:12 PM UTC
It all depends ... you would need to look at how that RTE data is populated in the PB App script wise. If it's a straight DC.Retrieve () then that should work in IM as well. If it is a straight retrieve, then I would suggest exporting the PB App's DWO from your PB App over to IM and then run it under IM control making sure that your DBMS connection settings are identical as per the PB App.
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