1. James Beck
  2. SnapDevelop
  3. Friday, 19 April 2024 00:22 AM UTC

We are converting our Client / Server Application and trying to implement our Custom Data Query Tool that allows our clients to Generate a dataset from a SQL query and display the results in a dynamic datawindow with the SyntaxFromSQL method.   This allows our clients alot of flexibility to gather data easily through our application.

Looking to see if anyone has implemented the SyntaxFromSQL in a Cloud Application or has any kind of work around.

The code for our Client/Server Application looks like this:

String ls_sql
string ERRORS, sql_syntax
string presentation_str, dwsyntax_str
String ls_sysidSyntax
Long ll_trows

ls_sql = mle_query.Text

presentation_str = "style(type=grid)"

dwsyntax_str = SQLCA.SyntaxFromSQL(ls_sql, presentation_str, ERRORS)

If Len(ERRORS) > 0 Then
    MessageBox("Error", "SyntaxFromSQL caused these errors: " + ERRORS)
End If

dw_data.Create( dwsyntax_str, ERRORS)

   MessageBox("Caution","Create cause these errors: " + ERRORS)

ll_trows = dw_data.Retrieve()
st_rows.text = String (ll_trows ) + ' Rows Retrieved'

dw_data.Modify("DataWindow.Export.PDF.Method = NativePDF! ")

dw_data.BringToTop = TRUE

Jim Beck


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