1. Georgios Papageorgiou
  2. PowerBuilder
  3. Sunday, 03 September 2017

Hi PowerSphere,

I need to access cookies in my web service (running on IIS).

I'm using Chris Pollachs STD WS framework - but I guess if there is a standard way to access this I could cope with that :)




Chris Pollach @Appeon Accepted Answer Pending Moderation

Hi Georgios;

   Thanks for using my WS Framework!

   FYI: My Integrated Framework will get you the active cookie(s) if your PB App is running as an Appeon Web App.

Yes, the WS framework does not handle Cookies. Sounds like your asking for an enhancement!  ;-)

Regards ... Chris


Hi Chris. 

That would surely be helpfull. so when ... when ... WHEN .... LOL :)

My web service has to be accessed from various frontends - So i guess Appeon Web is not the way. 

I "just" need to able to read cookies like "token / api-key" - and not pass it as arguments-1 for the functions  - :)

Do you think i could grab some code from the "Integrated Framework" and make i work ( with out large effort) ? 

(cause i need to deliver a POC yesterday ;) )




  1. Georgios Papageorgiou
  2. Monday, 4 September 2017

  1. Georgios Papageorgiou
  2. Monday, 4 September 2017
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  1. Monday, 4 September 2017
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